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Webinar Discounts

Receive a volume discount on our live continuing education webinars when you purchase more than one. These webcasts provide you with a classroom experience right from your own computer.

Just choose from these two options:

Option 1: You know which webinars you want to take
Select your webinars and add them to your shopping cart. Your discounts will then be automatically calculated for you. 

Option 2: You aren't sure which webinars fit your schedule, but you want to buy now and save 
Select a membership from the choices below and make your purchase. You will receive a personal discount code via email, which will make the appropriate number of courses free upon checkout. Use this code when you register for your courses; you will have 12 months to use your discount code.

Both options get you the same great deals on our live web courses!

Live CPE Webinar Discount Packages

2-Pack - 2 full-day webinars (16 CPE) for just $239.99 = $50 Savings!

3-Pack - 3 full-day webinars (24 CPE) for just $334.99 = $100 Savings!

4-Pack - 4 full-day webinars (32 CPE) for just $404.99 = $175 Savings!

5-Pack - 5 full-day webinars (40+ CPE) for just $474.99 = $250 Savings!
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2 Year Unlimited Webinar Package (80+ credits)
$1,499.40  $699.00
1 Year Unlimited Webinar Package
2 Webinar Membership (16 Credits)
$289.99  $239.99
3 Webinar Membership (24 Credits)
$434.99  $334.99
4 Webinar Membership (32 Credits)
$579.99  $404.99
5 Webinar Membership (40 credits)
$724.99  $474.99