Since the start of operations, our company has awarded continuing education credits to over 7,000 legal, accounting, tax, and business professionals across the United States. Over 98% of attendees have indicated that they would refer our programs to a friend or colleague in law, accounting, and taxation! We are very proud of this accomplishment, and we are committed to continuing this tradition in the future. Here are some kind words from prior customers that we would like to share. Please peruse at your leisure.

"These programs provide the highest value for the money - both from a cost per credit perspective but also from a pure learning experience. Also fun & entertaining. I drive more than 225 miles, one way, to attend!
- Greg G., ESQ, Rocky Hill, CT

"The instructor exhibited great expertise in the field of employment law, and presented the program in a most interesting manner" 
- Stan H., ESQ, Blue Bell, PA

"Wow! This was engaging. I learned a lot and had fun listening to the dialogue. Excellent as usual. Thank you!"
- Marc W., CPA, Westbury, NY

"Very interesting speaker. Would like to attend future webinars."
- Joel T., CPA, Langhorne, PA

“Nice atmosphere for an educational event. Great for the price. Excellent location. Nice approachable presenters.”
- Lisa R., Esq., Harleysville, PA

“The presentation of the material took me back to my graduate school days at Kellogg only this time, because of the way it was skillfully presented by Tom and Bill, I actually understood it. This was perhaps the most animated and interesting CPE seminar I’ve participated in for years. Guys, you did an exceptional job on a very difficult subject matter.”
- Mark A. P., CPA, Wayne, PA

“I plan to attend future courses and also recommend Tom and Bill to my co-workers.”
- Jennifer T., Esq., Drexel Hill, PA

"I am a returning participant. I will be back again!"
Karen H., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

"I love the investment related courses given that I work for a registered investment adviser. Please keep offering classes with similar materials each year." 
- Nicholas P., CPA, Stamford, CT

"Thank you for providing quality CPE"
- Rebekah B., CPA, Indianapolis, IN

“There was ample time for questions and answers. The instructors were courteous and answered questions efficiently.”
- Katie V., CPA, North Wales, PA

“A great value for the money.”
- Jennifer C., CPA, Lansdale, PA

“I’ll be back.”
- Michael L., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“I was pleased with the CLE seminar and would come again. I would also recommend to others.”
- Kimberly M., Esq. Phoenixville , PA

“Tom & Bill were very accommodating and personal, unlike many other continuing legal education course providers.”
- Wendy B., Esq., King of Prussia, PA

“These guys are good presenters. Knowledgeable and professional.”
- Jim H., Esq. and College Professor, Abington, PA

“Both Tom and Bill are very, very knowledgeable on the subject of Financial Calculations.”
- Tom H., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“I would pay extra for this CPE course!”
- Carl L.,CPA, Royersford, PA

“The course was very interesting and informative, especially the section on college planning.”
- Lynn P., CPA, Oakhurst, NJ

“I would have been willing to pay substantially more for this program. Compared to other CLE courses, this program was a bargain.”
- Jonathan P., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“The instructors were extremely helpful.”
- Robert S., Esq., Blue Bell, PA

“Great price and well done program.”
- William K., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“The instructors know their material.”
- Kenneth R., CPA, Jackson, NJ

“Excellent handout materials. Overall, an excellent and very interesting CPE course.”
- Joseph I., CPA, Waldwick, NJ

“Unique. The instructors actually walked around to help students with their calculators. They kept the class engaged for the whole day.”
- Jackie L., CPA, Blue Bell, PA

“Great program on valuation: very informative and valuable.”
- Sylvan F., CPA, Langhorne, PA

“Tom and Bill are great at giving opportunities to ask questions. I always recommend these CPE classes to my colleagues.”
- Michael M., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“I especially appreciated the examples and the time to work on them to reinforce skills just taught.”
- Judith F., CPA, Doylestown, PA

“The quality was tops.”
- Anthony T., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Makes the dismal science (economics) interesting or at least understandable.”
- William J., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Obviously a huge amount of work went into preparing this CLE seminar, and I would like to express my thanks.”
- Alan O., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“You could not have been more gracious and understanding of my particular situation and energetic in helping me.”
- Al F., Esq., Jenkintown, PA

“Very good, high level, and educational! You keep the audience much more engaged than the usual CPE courses!”
- Barbara W., CPA, Southampton, PA

“The instructors were very flexible in allowing for questions, comments, and interaction.”
- Jim H., CPA, Downingtown, PA

“I expected to be bored and I never was. The two instructors coordinated their comments well. The examples and comments were cogent. It was a very enjoyable continuing professional education class in which I learned a lot of information. And time went by so quickly! Kudos to Tom and Bill.”
- Sallie W., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Tom and Bill are a super team!”
- David B., Esq., Havertown, PA

“It’s all good.”
- Scott P., CPA, Jenkintown, PA

“The instructors appeared to be very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions asked completely and clearly. I thought this course was an excellent value and I would recommend it. In fact, I’m going to recommend to other CPAs.”
- Anthony G., CPA, Vineland, NJ

“The course was informative and enjoyable.”
- Alena W., Esq., Glenside, PA

“I was very satisfied. Professional and knowledgeable. A great deal of preparation was clearly done.”
- Chris F., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Instructors are extremely knowledgeable. They really knew what they were talking about and answered all questions completely.A great program at a great price.”
- Michele R., Esq., Downingtown, PA

“I will absolutely seek out more CLE being offered by this team.”
- Rich K., Esq., Malvern, PA

“Great class, enjoyable experience.”
- Saul G., CPA, Meadowbrook, PA

“Very good. Light in presentation, serious in substance. Very good!”
- James M., Esq., East Followfield, PA

“Overall, the best continuing legal education course I have ever taken.”
- Nathan S., Esq., Allentown, PA

“This is my second class, and I intend to take more.”
- Joseph V., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Encouraged interaction appropriately did a good job of balancing amount of basic information provided given divided population (attorneys and CPAs).”
- Wendy T., Esq., Wayne, PA

“Very organized, good handouts. I liked the structure. Tom’s explanations were so good for the lawyers.”
- Jennifer K., Esq., Wynnewood, PA

“Instructors welcomed questions they created a friendly and professional learning environment along with excellent presentation skills…review of basics and intricacies of financial statements were clearly presented.”
- James E., Esq., Fairless Hills, PA

“Very nice and knowledgeable guys.”
- Tom F., Esq., Jenkintown, PA

“Great CLE course. I highly recommend it.”
- Stephen S., Esq., Bear, DE

“Terrific CLE course.”
- Michael K., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Great, important course.”
- Thomas R., Esq., Berwyn, PA

“Thanks for putting on another great one! We love these CPE webinars!”
- Tessa M., CPA, Denver, CO

“Great Class.Really like the Webinar feature. All technical aspects of it were great. No problems at all and very well prepared presentation.”
- Michael S., CPA, Allentown, PA

“Thank you very much! Great class this past Friday! Hope to see you guys at another session soon!” -
- Jim H., CPA, Downington, PA

“Your CPE seminar was one of the best I’ve ever attended (since 1966).”
- Joseph D., CPA, West Chester, PA

“The class was very interesting and informative.”
- Lori Z., Red Hill, PA

“Thanks – haven’t taken many CPE webcasts – technology was good!”
- Elizabeth R., CPA, Steamboat Springs, CO

“Thanks: very good class.”
- Kathleen B., CPA, Denver, CO

“The webinar was great. Great presentation. Gave me some good information to get me back up to speed on several valuation issues.”
- Jeff H., CPA, CO Springs, CO

“Entertaining, good speakers.”
- Tessa M., CPA, Denver, CO

“The materials were definitely informative, and I will use them as reference material.
- Toni M., Esq., Elkins Park, PA

“You guys are doing a great job. Thank you!”
- Dennis F., Esq., Cheltenham, PA

“Good comprehensive coverage of the material as promised in the course description.”
- George P., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“I think that you guys provide one of the best continuing education environments that I’ve encountered.”
- James A. Y., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Another great job by Tom and Bill.”
- James S., CPA, Media, PA

“The food was very good!”
- Michael H., CPA, Audubon, PA

“One of the best CLE classes I have ever attended.”
- Ethan Q., Esq., Villanova, PA

“Very worthwhile CLE program.”
- Stanford H., Esq., Montgomeryville, PA

“Best continuing legal education spot I’ve been to!”
- Joan S., Esq., Drexel Hill, PA

“Very relaxed, open and entertaining while still being knowledgeable.”
- David S., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“I think you’re doing an excellent job. Interesting topic presented in an understandable manner. Good lunch! Comfortable room! All at a reasonable price!”
- Jim C., Esq., Wayne, PA

“This CLE course exceeded my expectations. It actually was interesting. The presenters were energetic, knowledgeable, and confident (and they did not sit behind a table and read from their prepared materials!).”
- Sandra C., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“I wish I had taken this course before I chose my investment company/broker.”
- H. Lin L., Esq., Bethlehem, PA

“This is a pretty good program. Inexpensive, and the presenters are affable, knowledgeable, and substantive.”
- Brian H., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“The instructors appeared to have a complete grasp of all subject matter covered in the class”…Much better than some of the typical boring lectures that I have sat through with other presenters.”
- Nicholas M., CPA, Brooklyn, NY

“Quite comprehensive. The instructors did a thorough job. The written materials were extremely thorough compared to other courses.”
- Margaret K., Esq., Wayne, PA

“My third CLE course. You’re great! Thanks!”
- Jeffry H., Esq., Huntingdon Valley, PA

“This is my second course with McDevitt & Kline, LLC, and I think you do a great job.”
- Sarah P., CPA, Glenside, PA

“The luncheon and continental breakfast was superb. No other CLE provider can compare.”
- Joseph E., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Everything was excellent!”
- Irving E., CPA, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I have attended Tom & Bill’s CPE seminars and the Knowledge\Subject Matter are exceptional especially for the cost.”
- Thomas B., CPA, Phoenixville, PA

“Excellent CPE Presentation – Love the webinar concept!”
- Paul B., CPA, Ardmore, PA

“Good use of problems to teach principles and us of BAII calculator.”
- Kyle C., CPA, Bethlehem, PA

“First timer: the course was well done and is a cost effective CPE option.”
- Gregory D., CPA, Harrisburg, PA

“Bill, you are a wonderful teacher!”
- Eadie E., CPA, Harleysville, PA

“Refreshing for someone who hasn’t used this knowledge in years!”
- Katrin G., CPA, Media, PA

“Very happy with the course.”
- Michael L., CPA, New York, NY

“Great use of technology with the VIS tablet and the calculator on screen! Well done keep it up.”
- Kirk P., CPA, Sioux Falls, SD

“Enjoyed the course very much, my first full day CPE webinar. I was skeptical but it turned out well worth the cost.”
- Robert M., CPA, Liverpool, NY

“Excellent Speaker!”
- Paula R., CPA, Foxfield, CO

“Very well done.”
- David A., CPA, Grand Junction, CO

“Webinar is very convenient and good value.”
- Mark J., CPA, Oxford, PA

“Probably the only speaker I gave a ’10′ too all year. Ellen was Excellent, you should have her every year!”
- Joe M., CPA, Ambler, PA

“Thank you for NOT canceling in spite of weather conditions.”
- Deborah C., CPA, Phoenixville, PA

“First CPE webinar and it was very enjoyable.”
- Charles J., CPA, North Wales, PA

“Great continuing professional education program.”
- Joseph A., CPA, Levittown, PA

“Taken 5 webinars in 2009 & all done extremely well. Thanks.”
- Joseph D., CPA, West Chester, PA

“I like the outside speakers – good to mix it up for an 8 hr session.”
- Neil W., CPA, Radnor, PA

“Excellent supplemental advice in the chat screens.”
- Al C., CPA, Warminster, PA

“Enjoyed the webinar format – good presentation.”
- Terry S., CPA, New Hope, PA

“It was a really good program. I enjoyed the topics and I am thankful that others understand the role of an accountant in a client’s financial wealth building.”
- Michele., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Both Tom and Bill were very knowledgeable, professional, and presented well. The materials provided were interesting, relevant, and scholarly. Overall this CPE course is great. I enjoyed learning about the psychological aspects of the investment process.”
- Jaime S., CPA, Chester Springs, PA

“Great instructor. Engaging and interesting.”
- Sophia V., CPA, Lafayette Hill, PA

“This was my best CLE ever (in almost 15 years of taking them). Keep up the great work.”
- Kimberly M., Esq., Phoenixville, PA

“Definitely the most interaction and participation I’ve ever seen in a CLE course. Definitely exceeded my expectations.”
- Jennifer K., Esq., Media, PA

“It would be difficult to improve on this CLE presentation. It was excellent. I would recommend it without reservation.”
- Joseph M., Jr., Esq, Philadelphia, PA

“Very well presented and it held your interest.”
- Richard V., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Great job, again.”
- Daniel M., Esq., Swarthmore, PA

“This was a great CLE program.”
- Terry P., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Food was excellent. Most interesting CLE I’ve attended! Kept my attention!”
- Lynn S., Esq., Willow Grove, PA

“Engaging and informative.”
- Hutch H., Esq., Oreland, PA

“Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experienced.”
- VA K., Esq., Glenside, PA

“These instructors were the best prepared, most capable I have seen in a CLE in a long, long time”
- Linda B., Esq., Paoli, PA

“One of the most thorough lectures ever attended. All presenters were well prepared and interesting.”
- Harold R., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Ms. Levick was fabulous, riveting, and knowledgeable. Really great.”
- Jennifer K., Esq., Wynnewood, PA

“Planners did an excellent job designing program, selecting participants and providing an amazing program and value for the cost.”
- Deborah S., Esq., Blue Bell, PA

“I thought it was a really great CLE. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
- Lynn F., Esq., Wilmington, DE

“Excellent program. Thanks!”
- Scott F., Esq., Wynnewood, PA

“It was a great program with great speakers (and great lunch). I wouldn’t know how it could be improved.
- Maxwell G., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Great subject. Great Presentation. Great Food. Great Facilities.”
- Matthew K., Esq., Downingtown, PA

“Keep up the great work! McDevitt & Kline will be my first choice for all CLE needs in the future.”
- Raymond K., Esq., Villanova, PA

“Excellent presentation and lunch. Well done!”
- Alfred F., Esq., Fort Washington, PA

“Excellent course. Very interesting. Very knowledgeable panel.”
- Julie P., Esq., Jenkintown, PA

“I would do other webinars!”
- Linda S., Esq., Kill Devil Hills, NC

“Always consistently good quality and value with your seminars. Very well done. Enjoyed the actual examples and historical references.”
- Linda M., Esq., Glenside, PA

“I am math illiterate and I actually learned the basic concepts. I am tempted to take an advanced course.”
- Z.F., Esq., Fort Washington, PA

“Great, educational seminar.”
- V.R., CPA, Doylestown, PA

“Very interactive. The speaker was dynamic and accessible. The problem sets were a great way to reinforce the lessons.”
- Raymond D., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent program.”
- Jason W., Esq., Phoenixville, PA

“I loved the examples!”
- Nancy R., Esq., Malvern, PA

“Superb presentation. Very well prepared by top professionals in their fields. Judge Bernstein and Larry Bendesky are born teachers.”
- John B. M., Esq., Monroe, NH

“Terrific program and very entertaining.”
- Michael E. G., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Great presenters with superb sense of humor.”
- Fred W., Esq., Norristown, PA

“Excellent program! Excellent presenters! Excellent food and refreshments!”
- John P. C., Esq., Harleysville, PA

“Great balance of information and entertainment. Great value.”
- Raymond D., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent arrangement and presentation of material.”
- Stephen J. P., Esq., North Wales, PA

“Excellent. Valuable. Entertaining.”
- Kenneth L., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Another solid course by McDevitt & Kline, representing solid value to the participant. Thanks.”
- Joseph G. D., Esq., Southampton, PA

“Excellent program. Very relevant to attorneys.”
- Nathaniel D., Esq., Newark, DE

“Once again, great job! Excellent speakers.”
- Daniel M., Esq., Swarthmore, PA

“Judge Bernstein was fabulous.”
- David A. P., Esq., Plymouth Meeting, PA

“Very visually stimulating and innovative as to the digital evidence for trial purposes.”
- Robin B., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Very well done. Interesting, lively, and informative.”
- Roger J., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Enjoyed very much, as always. Good Job.”
- Louis D., Esq., Glenside, PA

“Perfect combination of providing information yet encouraging interaction. Superb course.”
- Thomas C., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Great program. Very interesting.”
- Adrian M., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Wonderfully entertaining and educational seminar. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I can’t wait to get into a courtroom! It made me want to be involved.”
- Lynn P., Oakhurst, NJ

“Well presented seminar.”
- Thomas C., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“The food was a surprise–did not expect anything. Speaker was very good.”
- David E., Esq., W. Conshohocken, PA

“Keep the programs coming.”
- Alvin M., Esq., Bryn Mawr, PA

“This was a great refresher course for me. I enjoyed the case study!”
- Catherine S., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“This was an excellent presentation by a knowledgeable and entertaining presenter. I learned a lot.”
- John M., Esq., Monroe, New Hampshire

“Great location!”
- Teresa F., Esq., Collegeville, PA

“Good facility. Good food.”
- Leslie B., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Very good presenter. He took dry material and made it interesting.”
- Danny E., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Entertaining instructor. Good lunch.”
- Kyle S., Esq., Souderton, PA

“Excellent and highly informative.”
- Leslie L., Esq., Media, PA

“Very well done.”
- Roger J., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Keep up the good work.”
- Jane K., Esq., Trevose, PA

“This program was fantastic.”
- Adam M., Esq., Ambler, PA

“See you next time!!! Thanks again for another informative program and a great lunch.”
- Art S., Esq., Wyndmoor, PA

“Temple Center City is a great location.”
- James H., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“It’s a good value. Excellent timing. Great lunch!”
- Andrea B., Esq., Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Awesome job, guys.”
- Jim M., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Everything was excellent, as usual. Thanks!”
- Bart C., Esq., Newtown, PA

“Well Done!”
- Fred R., CPA , Warrington, PA

“Great interaction between the Instructors and the participants!”
- Charles .W, CPA, Bordentown, NJ

“Great location! I Like the Saturday courses! Great Food!”
- Bernard C., CPA, Wallingford, PA

“Good lunch once again!”
- Stephen S., CPA, Pipersville, PA

“The case studies were much more valuable than straight lectures. I particularly liked the discussions on Southwest and Ikea!”
- Greg M., Esq., Clifton, NJ

“Bill Kline is one of the best presenters (as well as one of the most knowledgeable) of a CLE course that I have ever taken.”
- Edward S., Esq., Conshohocken, PA

“Great presentation. Fast paced–will try the webinar for the next CLE course offering.”
- Jay L., Esq., Paoli, PA

“Great job!”
- Coby J., Esq., Wynnewood, PA

“Excellent presentation. Great combination of continuing education credits and cost.”
- Alan W., Esq., Radnor, PA

“Thank you! Will return for other courses in the future…”
- Neil D., Esq., Gwynedd Valley, PA

“The instructors were very knowledgeable and made effective presentations. I got a lot of useful information at this class.”
- Pam L., Esq., Narberth, PA

“Thanks again!”
- Art S., Esq., Wyndmoor, PA

“Ms. Diamond was an excellent speaker. Everything was clearly explained and answered precisely. Excellent food and location.”
- David L., Esq., Narberth, PA

“Quality program. Please offer similar employment law programs at least once per year. Great location. Would take more courses if offered in Center City.”
- Kimberly D., Esq., Haddonfield, NJ

“Liked the interactive quality of the course.”
- Deborah S., Esq., Blue Bell, PA

“Good location (Center City).”
- John A., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Very well instructed program. Good subject matter even for an accountant like me. I love to watch attorneys in action!”
- Steve S., CPA, Pipersville, PA

“Great to be in Center City, although your seminars are worth the trip to Fort Washington.”
- Sallie W., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Good job Renzo. Always a great job, Tom and Bill. Great value!”
- Michael S., CPA, Roebling, NJ

“The instructor was very knowledgeable.”
- Charles G., CPA, Narberth, PA

“Well presented. Excellent location.”
- Fred R., CPA, Warrington, PA

“Great lunches.”
- Saul G., CPA, Meadowbrook, PA

“Overall, very good class. Great speaker who kept it very interesting. Expected to fall asleep on a Saturday morning but Renzo kept my interest even though the material is not applicable to my day-to-day functions.”
- Charles B., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Lunch was excellent! Great idea to have pasta salad and veggie sandwiches.”
- Cecile R., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Easy to follow. Good pace. Material easy to understand.”
- Mukesh P., CPA, New Hope, PA

“I enjoyed it. Good instructor.”
- Gail C., Esq., Yardley, PA

“Good instructor. Good food.”
- Rich S., Esq., West Chester, PA

“Good food.”
- Duane L., CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for offering your course. It was very informative. Food was good too.”
- Daniel S., Esq. and CPA, Ivyland, PA

“Excellent and informative program.”
- William M., Esq., North Wales, PA

“Good job.”
- Mark Q., CPA, Trevose, PA

“Very interesting, informative, timely, and well done.”
- Lawrence F., CPA, Norristown, PA

“Admired instructor’s ability to use real life illustrations; very knowledgeable and receptive to questions.”
- William K., CPA, Levittown, PA

“I always have a good experience.”
- Joseph M., Esq., Sterling, VA

“Really good and more engaging than expected.”
- Stephen P., Esq., Moorestown, NJ

“Good job.”
- Michael R., Esq., Richboro, PA

“One of the best seminars!”
- Frank P., CPA, Ottsville, PA

“Very Informative. Wasn’t boring.”
- Vincent B., CPA, CFP, Limerick, PA

“Excellent course. Very informative.”
- Joseph Q., CPA, Downingtown, PA

“Entertaining and informative. Judge Bernstein and Mr. Bendesky present a very good CLE that will be useful in my practice.”
- Damien Z., Esq., Fort Washington, PA

“I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats! Bernstein and Bendesky are rock stars on trial tactics. The seven best hours of CLE available.”
- Dean P., Esq., Blue Bell, PA

“Good program with good instructors. You made it enjoyable and educational.”
- Joel K., Esq., Southampton, PA

“Good program. Very helpful.”
- Kenneth L., Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent, informative, and interesting program.”
- Lynne B., Esq., Rydal, PA

“Best Yet!”
- Joseph M., Esq., Sterling, VA

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