Our Price Match Guarantee

During the spring/summer of 2015, we reviewed every direct and indirect NASBA approved provider to make sure our prices stay competitive.  Sample pricing was drawn from courses with varying durations (1 hour to 40+ hours), credit categories (Ethics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Tax, etc.), location (throughout the U.S.), and format (Group Live, Group Internet Based, Self-Study).  According to our analysis, which was based on a sample of 308 CPE courses*, the average CPE price per credit for a live seminar was a whopping $66 (with a median of $43), while the average CPE price per credit for a live webcast was $52 (with a median of $37).

Given that our live seminars are priced at $22 per credit and our live webcasts are priced at $18 per credit, we are confident that we have competitive prices.  As such, we have instituted a price match guarantee.  

Think you've found a better price? We'll be happy to match it for you!  

Take advantage of our price match guarantee by:

1) By Phone: Save the URL where you’ve found a course in the same credit category (accounting, tax, ethics, etc.), length (4-credit, 8-credit, etc.), and format (live seminar or live webcast). Call 1-855-255-2466 and direct our representative to the website with the lower price. 


2) In Person: Simply print the advertisement clearly representing the appropriate details and bring it to one of our events.

*Average and median prices for the live seminars were based on a sample of 109 live courses, while average and median prices for live webcasts were based on a sample of 77 live webcasts.   

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