Does your company provide high-quality products or services to the accounting or legal community? Do you embody practices that encourage network trust and a collaborative culture? Would you like to share firm resources with network affiliates to efficiently deliver content to a wide audience? Consider starting a partnership with McDevitt & Kline, LLC (M&K).

Expand Network Reach To CPAs, Attorneys, & More By Partnering With McDevitt & Kline, LLC

As you may already know, M&K utilizes a unique collaborative business model and cutting-edge technology to deliver high quality, competitively priced continuing education (CPE & CLE) seminars and webcasts to attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Since 2007, M&K has helped thousands of legal, accounting, and financial professionals nationwide satisfy their continuing education requirements.

Like-minded businesses and organizations, including the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance Community, Cost Segregation Services, G2 FinTech, New Jersey Association of Public Accountants, and Penn Guardian Investment Counsel, have already joined in our collaborative efforts to partner with M&K to expand network reach.

In the past, M&K has been pleased to partner with affiliate organizations by:
  • Offering ongoing discounts on M&K courses to affiliate organization members
  • Sharing free webinar content offered by affiliates
  • Collaborating on course content development and corporate programs
  • Issuing NASBA-approved credits for affiliate webcasts
  • Distributing affiliate news and content to a broader audience
For more detailed information about our affiliates and our existing collaborative efforts, please read our Collaborative Strategy and Partnerships document.

Interested in a partnership? We’d love to collaborate with you! Please contact William Kline, Ph.D., CFA.

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